Day time to Night time Make-up

Have you ever been in a situation at work or school when there’s 5 min left in the day and your friends/co-workers decide they want to have a night out on the town?…but there’s no time to get ready?? Well I have and there is nothing worse than not having the things you need to get ready under the gun.

Well I (and many others before me) have come up with a quick make-up change for on the go last minute outings. If your’re anything like me morning make-up routines don’t consist of much, if any at all which in this case will be beneficial.

Day to Night
Day to Night

Day time:Β 

1. Apply foundation as you normally would. This is starting as a day time look so, full coverage won’t be necessary (unless you prefer that look).

2.Add a neutral shadow (light/medium brown) to the entire lid, then go in with a shimmer or nude color to the inner corner of the eye lid. Blend together at the corner to make a smooth transition.

3. Apply a light pink or peach color blush to the cheeks.

4. Apply a flesh toned lipstick or gloss and this will complete your day time look.

Night time:Β 3 qucik steps

1. Add darker shade to the outer corner of the eyelid, I suggest dark brown,dark grey or black (start with less then build to your liking) Always blend colors in (toward the center of the eye) You want to have a transitioned look which will avoid any harsh lines.

2.Apply a lip liner and a fresh coat of gloss or lipstick.

3.Add more blush to the cheeks/or bronzer to bring definition.

(Optional) 4.Black eyeliner to the lower and upper lash line.

Now if you have the time to go home and apply a fresh face I would totally recommend that but if your in a jam this is a quick and easy way to turn your day time face, into instant Β glam!

Hope this was helpful, please leave any questions or comments below and don’t forget to like and share! Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties



2 thoughts on “Day time to Night time Make-up

  1. Ms. Elyse, the other night, I really thought I would try some of these methods or following the instructions listed on the eye shadow pallet… unfortunately as in every other time, I did not get the Elyse look and I think I know why. My problem is blending and what colors to use to blend. Can your next post be about that?


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