What every woman needs in her purse…the essentials

This is easy, what does every woman need in her purse? EVERYTHING! The downside to this is our bag ends up weighing 50 lbs and we can’t find anything and it never has what we really need anyway. So hopefully after reading this you’ll be able to narrow down to the essentials. Now to save face I’ll state the obvious: ID, money, keys, and personal toiletries always a must!

1.Lip gloss/ lip moisturizer – Dry lips are not okay on any day, and really who doesn’t love lip gloss? A little shine can brighten your face and maybe even someones day 😉

2.Nail file- We’ve all been there, standing in line,at the office, pumping gas and BOOM your nail breaks and all you can say is “I wish I had my nail file”…well now you will.

3.Lotion- Keeping ourselves moisturized is essential especially in the winter. Travel size lotion really comes in handy.

4. Clear nail polish- Random? Not quite. This will serve 2 purposes (heck maybe more). That awful run in your stocking or knee high can really be a bummer but with your trusty clear nail polish on hand you can stop it from making zebra streaks. Place the nail polish at the bottom of the run to keep it from going. Now keep in mind this is a quick fix not a permit solution. Use no.2- You might need to add a shiny coat to that manicure you got a week ago. Last minute meeting with important people or last minute decision to go to happy hour either way you’ll be prepared!

5. Face/Hand wipes- These can be a life saver. You may need to clean your hands off or get that smudged eyeliner under your eye who knows but they are great to have when you’re on the go.

6.Comb/brush – duh

7.Hand sanitizer- Germs, Germs, Germs

8. Bobby Pin/ hair tie – Sometimes your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. Long, short and in between and you just don’t want to deal with it but don’t have time to go home and fix (because the 30 mins you already put in to it wasn’t enough) well not anymore! Pin it up or throw it in a ponytail for a quick fix.

9.Pen and paper- Before cell phones, Ipads, and tablets there were these little books with lines and a calendar called a planner lol which you could whip and jot things down. Well that’s a thing of the past since practically everything gets stored electronically. Downside to electronics THEY DIE! You’ll soon wish you had a pen and paper.

10. Safety Pin- Buttons pop, zippers fail that’s life. It’s always good to have a safety pin handy for this little emergency.

11. Stain remover- Dining etiquette can sometimes go out in the window when you’re in a rush to get back to work or class, and a drop or two can end up on your outfit. But that will be no problem for you with your trusty stain remover!

12. Floss/tooth brush/tooth paste- Good dental hygiene goes far! You don’t want that garlic bagel you had a lunch to be the reason no one wants to talk to you. If time does not allot for a quick cleansing of teeth pack some mints.

13. Envelope- If you like to shop you might save your receipts but you’ll find that they always end up crumpled up in the bottom of your purse. Keep them stored in an envelope, or you can splurge and get an organizer. And at the end of the month you can take all the old receipts out and start over.

Now all these items can be purchased at Wal*Mart, Rite-Aid, CVS etc. I hope this helps you to keep your purse a little less cluttered and a little more organized! Until next time…

Be blessed beauties!

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