My Favorite Lippies!

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This is week is all about lip gloss and lipstick. It was really hard for me to pick because I love them all! But I did my best to try and pick some that I think you might like as well. I made a point to throw in some dupes too because sometimes you just don’t want to spend $20.00 on a new lip gloss/lipstick.

12 of my favorite lippies
12 of my favorite lippies


So I broke it down into categories Vamp (dark), Berries, Pinks, and Nudes. Now the colors I picked work best for my skin tone, the only way your going to find the best colors for you is to go out there and try some on.A few of my favorite brands are M.A.C, Sephora, NYX, Cover Girl, Wet-n-Wild,and Maybelline. I could keep going lol but lets get down to business 🙂

Vamp Lippies:

1.Pagan Angel- by Wet-n-Wild (Fergie) love this color! its rich in color and very creamy to the touch. Retail Value $3.79 (CVS)

2.Vamp it Up- this color is fab! it’s like a deep purple. Personally I think anyone can wear it, it’s going to make a statement! (by Wet-n-Wild) Retail Value $1.99 (Rite-Aid)

3.Licorice- (by NYX) I just got this two weeks ago and I absolutely love it, it’s the perfect deep wine color and it does last a long time! Retail Value $5.99 (CVS)



4.916 D- (By Wet-n-Wild) this is an oldie but goodie, so old they don’t even have a name for it lol Retail Value $1.99 (Rite-Aid)


5.Eternal Ruby- (By Cover Girl) To me this is almost like a purple and wine mix. The only negative thing I will say is that it does stain your lips, so be cautious of that. Retail  Value $5.99 (Wal*Mart)

6.Look It’s Lava- (By Cover Girl) The shine from this is AMAZING! The color just jumps off your lips. It has great sparkle and lasts a long time (without staining your lips) Retail Value $6.94 (Wal*Mart)



7.Candy Yum Yum- (By M.A.C) Yessss!! move over Barbie this is the mother of all pink lipsticks. Pink is my favorite color so I could be being bias but …who cares 🙂 This is a great color for a summer night on the town or just a pop of color to brighten your face. Retail Value $16.00 (M.A.C)


8.Tease- By L.A Girl Cosmetics (glazed lip paint) As far as color this is a dupe for Candy Yum Yum even though it is a lip gloss. It is also a dupe for Too Face Melted Cosmetics (retail value $21.00) so you’ll be saving a lot if you buy the dupe which is essentially the same lip gloss. However I will say this, a little goes a long way. I would recommend using a lip brush when applying. Retail Value $2.99 (Local Beauty Supply stores and some Rite-Aid locations, prices may vary)

9.Hibiscus- By Maybelline This is under their Sensational line. I particularly like this one because you can add as little or as much as you like to bring out the color. I have a few different shades and I love them all they go nicely. Retail Value $7.19 (Rite-Aid)


nude (1)

Now before I get into the colors I am wearing in the picture above, I have to mention to I am wearing a lip liner. You don’t have to, but I would definitely recommend it. Nudes tend to wash the lips and face out if you don’t find the right color. All nude lipsticks are not created equal, first rules of thumb don’t seek the palest pink or neutral beige. Wearing a nude lip essentially means having a bare lip which would look like your natural lip color. Start there, and then try different variations. Wearing a liner helps to bring back the natural line of the lip and brings out the color of lipstick/lip gloss.

10.Nude Crème– By Revlon, this color is probably favorite drug store brand. It has a great texture and nice subdued color. I wear it with Naughty Nude lip liner by N.Y.C ($3.99) Retail Value $6.39 (Rite-Aid)

11.Bare It All- By Wet-n-Wild this is a little bit darker than Nude Crème and looks great with a Smokey eye or just an everyday look. Retail Value $1.99 (Rite-Aid) I also wear Naughty Nude lip liner with this color.

12.Blankety- By M.A.C This is my favorite lol I know I have said that about every color but truly hands down this my go to for everything. The color is like no other is opacity is by far the best nude I’ve ever had. I pair it with Hover lip by M.A.C ($16.00) Retail Value $16.00

Make-up used for all lip swatches
Make-up used for all lip swatches

Here are some helpful hints: When applying your foundation dab some on your lips, this will help the lipstick/lip gloss color really show. Also add a little finishing powder around your lips this keeps the color from bleeding and it makes it last longer.

Well this is it for now I hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment and let know what your favorite colors and brands are Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!! Until next time beauties…

Be Blessed Beauties


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