Wake up, flawless… Foundation Favorites

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Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend. This week I’ll be bringing you my favorite foundations.

Magic Nude Foundation, applied with stippling brush
Magic Nude Foundation, applied with stippling brush

Foundations are the base of our makeup (if you choose to wear it). So it’s vital that you choose the right color and texture for your skin. If you are unsure of what color is best for your complexion I would definitely go to a makeup counter, or even your local drug store and use the complexion finder they have on display.

While choosing a foundation is very important you must also know your skin type. There are so many different variations but they main ones are: oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin. The good news is no matter what your skin type they make something for just about everyone. For example if you have oily skin a dewy foundation might not be the best fit for you, a matte finish might work better. If you have dry skin try a foundation that is dewy or hydrating.

Before applying your foundation make sure you have a fresh canvas. That means you must clean, prep, and prime. Always moisturize your skin before applying foundation, it helps to replenish the skin after it has been cleaned and it helps the foundation to go on smoothly. After you moisturize use a primer this will make your makeup last all day.

My go to foundations are All day luminous by NARS, Studio fix fluid by M.A.C, Magic Nude by L’Oreal and Fit me foundation by Maybelline.

foundation swatches
The NARS and L’Oreal are cool tones, the M.A.C and Maybelline are warm tones


NARS: Is a full coverage foundation this means you won’t need any concealer with it. It covers all blemishes and gives your face even coverage. Because it is full coverage it tends to be denser then a lighter foundation so be sure to apply evenly. This has a slight dewy finish if you have oily skin I would not recommend this, but don’t fret it also comes in a matte finish! Retail Value $48.00 (purchased at Sephora)

Studio Fix: Is a full coverage foundation as well. This one is a little bit heavier than the NARS. If you still like full coverage but not the heaviness add some moisturizer to it before applying, it will act the same as a BB Cream. Retail Value $27.00 (purchased at M.A.C)


Magic Nude: This is my favorite of them all believe it or not and it’s a 4th of the price. Now this like the other two is a liquid foundation but it finishes like a powder. This gives the skin a very natural look, like you’re not wearing anything at all. It’s not a full coverage foundation because the goal is to be light; however it is buildable so you can add more and still not end up with a cakey finish. Retail Value $12.99 (purchased at Rite-Aid)

Fit Me foundation: Now this comes in three types Octinoxate- sunscreen (the one I use), Dewy -Smooth, and Matte-Poreless. This gives a flawless finish while still being light on the face. I like that it has an spf of 18 which is a little more than the Magic Nude. Retail Value $5.94 (purchased at Wal*Mart)


I hope this gave you all a little insight on what’s out there and how they work. Sometimes the most expensive brand is not the best. Getting beautified can get pricey so always do your research before making a purchase. You can also ask for samples at the makeup counter to try the makeup before buying it. If you take the drug-store route Rite-Aid accepts all makeup returns if you don’t like what you bought. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! Share with a friend 🙂 

Until next time beauties…


Be blessed

*disclaimer all items in this post were purchased by me, this is an honest opinion of the beauty products*

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  1. Love it lysee poo! Do you plan on posting something about summertime glow makeup and bronzers? I like to wear close to no make in the summer because it’s really too hot but I still want the glow! Looking forward to more blogs! ❤

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