5 Minute Makeup Routine

20150423_101648 (1)
5 min makeup

So you hit the snooze button one too many times only to find yourself with a limited amount of time to get ready, what do you do? Scramble to pull yourself together (at least that’s what I do) Some days there is literally only time for a shower and a quick comb of the hair. But if you’re good you can squeeze in 5 min to makeup your face 🙂

So because this is a 5 min routine there are no time for frills, you’ll be doing a very quick and easy face. It’s going to look like your not wearing makeup at all…yet you’ll still look fresh and revived.

What you will need: 1).Bronzer, 2).Automatic Eyebrow pencil, 3). concealer 4).mascara, 5).blush 6).Lip gloss/lipstick

Fit me concealer

Step 1: Start off with a freshly washed face. Cover up any dark circles under your eyes and blemishes on your face. For today’s look I used Maybelline fit me concealer in the color “medium”. It’s always best to use a concealer that matches your skin tone so it blends in perfectly. If you want to brighten under your eye use a concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone.(Imaged obtained from Maybelline)

IMG_20150422_221427 (1)
Bikini Contest Bronzer

Step 2: Buff the bronzer into your skin. I like to use bronzer when I’m in a rush because using a fluffy powder brush does all the work for me. Apply a little at a time because bronzer can build quickly and before you know it you’ll be 3 shades darker and late for work lol. Which brings me to my next point, when buying bronzer purchase a shade that looks like your natural “tan” color. You want to look like you’ve been kissed by the sun not baked by rays. I used Wet-n-wild in the shade “Bikini Contest”.

Nyx Cosmetics Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown
NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Step 3: An automatic eyebrow pencil saves a little bit of time because all the product is in the pencil so all you have to do is follow your natural eyebrow arch and fill in any sparse areas. For this look I like to used NYX Auto Eyebrow pencil in the color “dark brown”. If you would like to see a how I fill in my brows look here Eyebrow Pictorial. (Image obtained from nyx)

IMG_20150422_221338 (1)
Luminoso Blush

Step 4: Blush! I love blush it’s always works as a nice subtle color that warms your face. In this look I used Milani “luminoso”

20150423_142509 (1)
Sky Rise Mascara

Step 5: Wake up your eyes with some mascara. My preferred choice is MAC “Haught and naughty” lash. But for this look I used NYC ‘sky rise” lengthening mascara. Which really gets the job done!

Milani matte lipstick
Blissful Lipstick

Step 6: Lip gloss or lipstick, this last part is a matter of taste or what look you’re trying to achieve. I opted for subtle and wore Milani matte “blissful” lipstick.

And there you have it a fresh face in 5 min. It totally can be done, I know because I did it this morning lol Let me know how it works for you. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Follow and share with a friend 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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