Beauty and the Breakout! (how to prevent breakout

Hey Beauties!

Breakouts a.k.a the enemy of the face! We all get them no matter how many times we wash our face or change our makeup sometimes you just can’t beat genetics and hormones. But I have a couple tips that may make your face a little bit better while you’re fighting the enemy.

1. Always drink water! Water is natures cure-all and it’s free right from the faucet 🙂 Our bodies need water for everything, this includes are skin. I’m not a doctor but I know that there is no harm in drinking more than a few glasses a day. It will help to flush all those unhealthy toxins right out of our body. And over time improve our skin, hair, and nails.

2.Wash your face. Yes that seems like a given, but I know I’m not the only one who after having a long day at work or night out just flops on the bed and passes out from time to time. Laziness will lead to breakouts! and bad habits. Wash your face in the morning, after the gym, if you went out, if someone kissed you, and before bed. Now I’m not suggesting over washing your face because you will start to lose the natural oils in your skin and dry it out, but you should wash it after any kind of activity or a long day.

**Washing your face does not mean scrubbing vigorously, gentle circular motions with your fingertips will be suitable. Especially if you already have a breakout, you don’t want to agitate your skin any more than it already is.**

3.Don’t pick at your face. BAD BAD BAD! I know that pimple is annoying and you’re just going to die if it doesn’t disappear by the weekend but the scar it will leave will be much more annoying. Not to mention your hands are picking up all sorts of germs unbeknownst to you all day long, and you don’t want that on your face.

4.Clean your makeup brushes, this should be done every week. Not only will this cut down on clogging your pores with unnecessary dirt and oils but it will make the application of makeup much better. Over time your makeup brushes collect excess makeup, oils and dirt. You don’t want to apply all that to your face in addition to more makeup.

**To clean your brushes just use mild soap and water. I use baby shampoo. Be gentle while cleaning them try not to ruin the shape of the brush and bristles. When it comes to drying, dry them upside down if you can so that the water does not run down the brush handle. The water can loosen the glue where the bristles and handle are connected** If you need further instruction let me know I’ll make a separate post 🙂

5. Change your pillowcases weekly. This is the last place you rest your face for the day it should be clean and cootie free. Just like makeup brushes pillowcases catch all kinds of makeup residue, sweat,and drool possibly lol you get my point. Just change/clean them as well.

6.If you wrap your hair at night, clean your head scarf every week as well. Any products you used on your hair will be transferred from the scarf, to the pillowcase, and then your face. We don’t want that.

7.Try to limit the use of makeup, if that is not an option try to steer clear of the agitated area. I know your first thought is to cover it up, but you don’t want to clog the pores and irritate the skin anymore.

8. Try not to hold your cellphone up to your face. This can irritate your cheek. The majority of cellphones today are touchscreen, and that means we are touching them all day with the fingers that have picked up some germs along the way. I think you see where I’m going with this. If it’s possible try to use the speakerphone feature that way you don’t have to touch anything 🙂

Now there are many other things you can do to try and prevent breakouts and they just might not work, or they could clear up your face overnight. It really depends on the person. These are just some things that I practice that have worked for me over time. Thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow! Or share with a friend. Until next time…

Be blessed beauties


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