How to get that summer glow!

Hey Beauties Welcome Back!!!

This post is all about getting that summer glow without going tanning. Don’t get me wrong I love a nice even tan, but the sun is so harmful to our bodies let’s not over expose ourselves if we don’t have to. I sat down and tried to pick all of my favorite products for a nice sun kissed glow, and the good news is they’re all affordable! Woop Woop lol. A few of them I have mentioned in other posts, but I like them so much I am sharing again.

First lets’s talk about bronzer. Bronzer is a great way to enhance your natural beauty by giving it a sun kissed glow. As I stated in a previous post  5 minute makeup routine it’s easy to go from looking like you’ve been kissed by the sun to baking for days, so build it gradually when applying. I like to use Wet-n-Wild “Bikini Contest” bronzer.

bikini contestAnother alternative is Milani the “Multitasker Face Powder” this does exactly what the name says. It can be used as an all over face powder, for contouring, bronzer, and a highlight depending on which shade you use. I like to use a darker shade as a bronzer, it really makes me look like I just walked off the beach! bronzerNext let’s talk about highlighting. When you’re highlighting you want to bring your features forward (draw attention to them). Sometimes after you have added bronzer or foundation you can lose all the natural highlights and dimensions to your face, hence the reason for highlighting and contouring. When you highlight you want to make it appear that the light is perfectly hitting your face at all times. It’s almost like a camera crew is following you around with perfect lighting. Whether you prefer cream or powder be careful not to over do it. It should always look as natural as possible. Depending on how I feel I alternate between powder and liquid. One of my all times favorites is NYX “Born to Glow” liquid illuminator . I like to use this on the tip of my nose and my cheek bones, over my blush.  It gives such a nice color, almost like rose gold.IMG_20150422_221232 (1)

Shimmering face whipAnother option is “Shimmering”  facial whip by Elf.  This does just what the name implies it gives a soft shimmer to the face. Too much of it can make your face look too shiny. So use is sparingly.20150422_220923 (1)

If you’re not looking for an all over glow,try a nice blush. One of my favorites is “Luminoso” by Milani. This is perfect for summer it gives your cheeks a nice peachy color with a hint of shimmer.

IMG_20150422_221338 (1)

Elf (“Studio bronzer”) makes a nice bronzing palette that gives the same effect, very subtle but when the light hits your face it really shows.Studio Bronzer

Lastly whats a summer glow without I nice nude lip (to see which nude lips I like check this out Favorite Lippies ) or even some sparkly lip gloss? If you’ve been following my blog or know me at all, you know I live and die (dramatic 🙂 ) for lip gloss! I recently came across this great one Smoochies sizzle lip gloss in “Tickled Pink” by Cover Girl. It has the perfect amount of shine, it’s not over powering but it makes your lips pop. More importantly It doesn’t dry out or get sticky!. (Here’s a simple trick before applying lipstick or lip gloss use a light layer of vaseline (if you don’t have vaseline, lip balm will do) to prevent your lips from getting sticky or feeling dry.) IMG_20150422_221625 (1)

So all of the above products can be found at either Wal*Mart, Rite-Aid, CVS, or Target.  They are all under $10 and you won’t get skin cancer using them (at least I hope not jk)lol Hope you enjoyed this post and found some useful hints. Share a pic if you try any of them I’d love to see how it looks. As always don’t for get to like, comment, and follow or share with a friend. Sharing is caring 🙂 Until next time..

Be Blessed Beauties


4 thoughts on “How to get that summer glow!

    1. Good Morning you may not need the bronzer but you can def try the highlighters for a nice glow. They come in different shades as well. I just listed the ones that I use. Also if you have oily skin you don’t want to use too many products. You may want to even try a tinted moisturizer. If you can’t find one in your shade use facial lotion and a drop of your foundation. Hope this helps 🙂


  1. Lysee Poo!

    Piggy backing on the question above… do you have any suggestions for a good tinted moisturizer?

    Also, I’ve seen several different techniques videos for contouring/highlighting. I’ve managed to get pretty brown over my recent vacation and I would like to contour and highlight my face instead of my normal makeup routine. What techniques do you use for contouring for a natural look? For example: Do you outline your nose, cheek bone, and face in a darker color then apply lighter colors to the areas you want to accentuate or do you just highlight the areas you listed above(cheek, nose, lip) and then blend?

    Thanks doll!

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