The Perfect Summer Bag!

Hey everyone!

This week I thought I would take a break from make-up and talk about the perfect accessory…your bag. There are so many styles, colors, shapes, and textures how can you really pick 1 bag? You can’t right? In a perfect world you would have them all or at least I would lol. But for those of us who can’t afford all of them I did my best to narrow down a few shapes, and a pop of color to get us through the summer in style.

Pouch – Cross Body This is the perfect size for a night on the town or a summer lunch date. Let’s face it a big bag is convenient when we want to bring everything and the kitchen sink with us while on the go, but it’s just not practical every day. You can fit all your essentials in here lip gloss, a comb, lotion, hand sanitizer, money (of course) and let’s not forget your ID.

20150606_132331 (1)
Coach Cross body bag

Medium Shoulder Bag- This is good for everyday use. It can be used for on the go or work. It holds all that you need and little bit more, without the cumbersomeness of a huge tote. I love the color cognac because it essentially goes with everything; I consider it a neutral color. But you can get any color it’s all up to you :-).

Liz Claiborne Flap Shoulder Bag
Liz Claiborne Flap Shoulder Bag

Tote- Now a Tote and a Shoulder bag are pretty similar in how they are worn, the shape can vary. I’m showing you this one because it is a nice color. A pop of color is always great for the summer. It doesn’t matter what color it is as long as it stands out and it’s a representation of you. This summer I chose orange. If color is not your thing get a bag with some great hardware that always makes a statement. It can be a gold link chain, studs, crystals or whatever your style is. Just have fun with it. 

20150606_132433 (1)
Kate Spade Camellia street Sophie Zip Tote bag
Marina Medium Tote Michael Kors
Marina Medium Tote Michael Kors

Beach Bag- This is obviously a given, but none the less it had to be mentioned. When traveling on vacation or a simple day at the beach, you need a good beach bag. It has to be able to hold a towel, sandals, lotion, etc. So it’s safe to say you need to have a good size bag with different compartments.

Beach Bag
Beach Bag

There are so many different ways to rock a bag for the summer so whatever you do, be you and make a statement! More importantly don’t think you need to spend a fortune either, great bags can come at a low price. I would suggest going to Aldo, Forever 21, Factory Outlets, Marshalls even Target has some good finds. Let me know what you’ll be rocking this summer :-). Don’t forget to like, comment, or share with a friend. Sharing is caring, until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


(all the bags used in the photographs were purchased by me, my mom was the model 🙂 )

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