DIY Lip exfoliator

Hey everyone, Happy Friday!

The week is finally over, we made it! Now it’s it time get beautified see where the wind takes us 🙂

Today I want to give you guys a quick tip on keeping your lips nice and smooth and lipstick ready. From time to time our lips can get dry from being out in the elements, lack of water, or just changes with our bodies. No one wants to walk around with dry scaly lips, not to mention it doesn’t make your lipstick too appealing, This tip is good for everyone whether you wear lip gloss, lipstick, or nothing at all. Healthy lips are important for everyone I mean, it typically is the focal point on our face and you don’t want your focal point to look dry and thirsty do you? lol , So if you’re ready lets get started 🙂

Items needed:

White or brown sugar (I use white) 

Olive Oil or Honey (I use olive oil)

Chapstick or Vaseline (I use vaseline)

20150611_165534 (1)
mixed ingredients

Mix about 1/4 tablespoon of sugar (sometimes I don’t measure, you should be able to gauge how much you would need for your size lips

1/2 tablespoon of olive oil (honey)

1/4 tablespoon of vaseline (chapstick)

Now these measurements are all based on what you need for your size lips. Play around with it until you find what you like best.

20150611_165637 (1)
scrub applied to lips

Now once you have it mixed it should be a paste like consistency. Put a little on your finger and just rub it on your top and bottom lips. You don’t need to rub vigorously, the skin on your lips is sensitive and the sugar is going to do all the work. This isn’t a long process either 2-3 minutes should suffice. Once you’re done rinse your lips off and see how smooth they are. If they are still a little chaffed try it one more time, but I wouldn’t over do it like I said your lips can be sensitive.

20150612_093244 (1)
nice and smooth
20150612_095121 (1)
lip gloss added

I would do this once or twice a month. In the in between just do your best to keep your lips moisturized, if you do that you won’t need to exfoliate often at all. I like vaseline so that’s what I use, in the morning and at night. I also put a little on before I use lip gloss and lipstick it helps it go on smooth and last longer (that’s my secret 😉 ) And the most important tip of all drink lots and lots of water!

Well I hope this helps, let me know if you have any DIY tips and tricks or something you would like me to try. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share with a friend 🙂 sharing is caring! until next time…

Be blessed Beauties


9 thoughts on “DIY Lip exfoliator

  1. I’m going to give this a go over the weekend. I have used a honey, olive oil, lemon and sugar mix as an exfoliator for my hands but I never thought of trying something similar on my lips!

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