The Power of the Wing!

Hola friends, I’m feeling a little fun and flirty today!

Now I know you’re probably thinking “what the heck is she talking about? power of the wing”. I’m talking about winged eyeliner silly 🙂 This is my signature look, and it goes with everything. I love black eyeliner, I wear it all year round. I don’t care if its 9 degrees or 90 I’m putting it on lol. You can do so much with it, It can be bold and dramatic, thin and dainty, long and dreamy, any variation is a good variation if you ask me. You can dress it up with a nude lip, a bold lip, no gloss, shiny gloss, ultimately whatever your heart desires. I particularly love it with a bold lip.  20150417_162321 (1)

My go to liners are Wet-n-Wild “H2O PROOF™ Liquid Eyeliner”, and Rimmel “ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner”. If you are looking for liner that won’t smudge and last all day it’s definitely these two. I like to use the kohl liner under my eye to create a smokey look, the liquid liner can get a little messy under the eyes so I steer clear of that. Both these liners can be found in Wal*Mart, Target, or just about any Drug store; Rimmel is sold at Ulta as well. The best part is they are both under $5.00 can somebody say” #winning!” They work so well that when it’s time to take them off that’s a small project in its self lol. But have no fear a little baby oil, coconut oil, vaseline, or makeup remover will help with the removal process. Just remember to be very gentle when taking off any makeup around your eyes the skin is very sensitive. When wiping under the eyes wipe from the outside in,and use a soft cloth. h20-eyeliner

Unfortunately I can’t show you how i apply my eyeliner but there are a bazillion videos on youtube that could help you out if you need a little direction. However the only way you’re going to become an expert at winged eyeliner is practice. Like anything else practice makes perfect.

1483315_10100968472714874_430789600_n (1)

I like to start from the inner corner making a line across the top of my lid to the outer corner, I make sure there is an angled tip then I connect it back to the top of the lid and go over the line I created to make sure it’s nice and dark. I hope that makes sense lol . In the near future I’m going to start doing YouTube videos to go along with my makeup post, so just be patient with me 🙂20150420_100318 (1)

So this was my fun and flirty makeup tip for the day I hope you enjoyed it, if you try this or you’re already a fan take a pic and let me see 🙂 Don’t forget to like, comment or share with a friend, sharing is caring! Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties,


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