Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow (mini) Haul!!!!

Hey Hey!

So I’m super excited for this post!! I just received my Morphe eye shadows, empty palette case, and detail line brush. If you haven’t heard of Morphe Brushes you shoud definitely check them out! They make inexpensive quality brushes, in addition too selling makeup.

As you can see I purchased 6 beautiful colors, to the naked eye they pretty much look the same…but they AREN’T lol. Starting at the Top going to the right: Golden Glory, Cream Puff, and Coal. Bottom starting at the right: Rosewood, Caramelized and Orchid.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on their single eye shadows for months because they have been sold out for what seems like forever. The individual eye shadows are $2.29 which is such a good steal and they sell empty magnetic palettes in an array of sizes and colors so you can customize it just the way you like it. I purchased the palette that holds 4 eye shadows at a time because that’s typically how many colors I apply when I do a completed look.

IMG_20150622_181640 (1)
Rosewood, Coal, Caramelized, Cream Puff

These colors go on so smooth. I used eye primer first to ensure that it would last to make the colors stand out. They are highly pigmented so I would suggest applying a little then building your way up to get your desired look.

Coal, Rosewood, Caramelized, Cream Puff
Coal, Rosewood, Caramelized, Cream Puff

I also purchased a detail line brush, I haven’t used it yet but, I’m going to try to use it for a cut crease. Because it is so small it will be easier to carve out the shape of my lid. Amrezy on instagram does a great cut crease if you have time check out her page and you’ll see what I mean 🙂 20150622_200351 (1)

Lipstick is
Lipstick is “Smoked Purple” by M.A.C

Overall I would totally recommend this product they have so many colors and they are so affordable, and if you get the empty palette to go with it you can keep your favorite colors on hand at all the times, and what beauty addict wouldn’t love that!!?? I hope you enjoyed this quick review/ mini eye shadow haul 🙂 Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe or share with a friend, sharing is caring. Until next time….

Be Blessed Beauties


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