I choose Happiness :-)

So today I want to share my thoughts on having a positive outlook on things and making a conscious effort to be happy.

Everyday we wake up we are faced with a clean slate, a fresh start on whatever the day is going to bring. So as I am typing this guess what song comes on the radio? “Walking on sunshine” coincidence ? I think not. This post is clearly meant to be πŸ™‚ We get to make the decision right then and there how we are going face today’s ups and downs. I choose happiness despite what may come along I have already decided to be happy.

In all my years of living I have yet to develop the skill to predict the future, but I can choose my outlook on it. Not everyday is going to be perfect, and on the days you have chosen to be happy something can happen to really change your mood. The good news is, those feelings won’t last always. Did you know you are in complete control of your emotions and actions? (mind blown right lol) You get to decide how much time you want to waste on being mad, or re-thinking what you did or did not do, how many tears you’re going to count, if slapping that person is a really good idea lol ,all of that is in your hands including being happy! Since your left with the choice and the power of your mood, don’t you want it to be joyful? peaceful? uplifting? positively contagious? thankful? grateful? Or is that just me ?

Of course we are human and being up beat every second, of every single day is just not realistic. Trust me I have experienced just about every emotion this past week, but look at me now. I am happy, I am content and I am secure in knowing that what has happened previously doesn’t have to effect me now, and it hasn’t. That’s why I am able to right this and encourage you that a positive attitude and a positive outlook can change your whole perspective on things.Sure you may wish you reacted differently to certain situations but, that’s in the past. If by chance you have the opportunity to change it, do it. That’s going to be one less thing that you have to dwell on.

It may not happen over night but everyday we wake up with a fresh start, we wake up with a choice; a choice designed specifically for us and no one else. Today I chose happiness, tomorrow what will you choose?

12 thoughts on “I choose Happiness :-)

  1. Thanks for such a lovely and uplifting post! It’s been a rough week for me too, so I’m thankful for the inspiration. As someone with depression/anxiety/ptsd it was REALLY hard for me to be in complete control of my emotions, and I only got here thanks to therapy and medication. I think I’m really lucky to be able to see choosing happiness as an option now, especially when I think about how a week like this would’ve totally taken me off the rails just a year ago. Thank you for the reminder/inspiration post! πŸ™‚

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