Fun Look for the summer!

Hola everyone!! Happy Wednesday, we have made it to the middle of the week only 2 days to go till freedom! woop woop

Today I wanted to do a fun makeup post on a look a did a few weeks ago. I actually used this pic last week for a different blog post, but a lot of ladies were curious as to what products I used, so I thought why not just do a run down of my whole face 🙂 cropped-20150620_104113

So first things first I primed my face with M.A.Cs Prep and Prime primer in “Natural Radiance”. Primer is really important to use before applying your foundation. It helps to smooth the skin and it makes the makeup last longer and to keep it from shifting throughout the course of the day. Now I have to be honest I don’t use it every single day but it is good habit to pick up, and get into a routine with.

20150413_074039 (1)

Next I used Maybelline “Fit Me” Matte foundation, I just broke it done in my June Favorites post so for more details check that out!


Next I shaped those eyebrows up with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. Now if you have been following me for a while you’ll know  my first post was about how to shape and fill in your brows, and I stated how I like to use powder because I feel it looks more natural well… that’s still kinda true BUT! It’s the summer time and you don’t want to be out in the sun sweating and mistakenly wipe your left brow off lol so I switched over to the pomade because it is water proof (HALLELUJAH).20150620_104113 (1) (2)

To get the subtle highlight under my brow bone I used L.A. Girl Cosmetics concealer in creamy beige. m8O76PKHdwfJo50HNi0_BGA

For my eye shadow base I used M.A.C “Uninterrupted” I swear I use this almost every day it really goes with everything. I even wear it by itself when I want to have a more muted “natural” look.


For my lower lash line I used my BH Cosmetics 120 eye shadow palette 2nd edition. Unfortunately it doesn’t list the names of the colors so I chose the turquoise color (4th row 3rd color down). This pallet has literally every color you can think of and it retails for $11.00. I would definitely consider purchasing this if you don’t have it already.  BH Cosmetics20150620_104431 (2)bh2I always do my lips last, so I can get a better feel of what color will go best with the look I already started. For this one I chose Anastasia Beverly Hills “Unicorn” liquid lipstick. This is such a good pink, and it can be hard to find the right pink sometimes. But I think this one is great for the summer day or night! IMG_20150605_083328 (1)

Lastly I used “Haught and Naughty” mascara by M.A.C and for blush I used a medium pink color (sorry no name) from my Professional Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics. And a little bit of shimmer from my Urban Decay “Naked Illuminated” shimmer powder.

And there you have it, my spin on a “Fun Summer Look” as always I hope that you enjoyed it. What’s your go-to summer color or looks?? Post a pic let me see 🙂 Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share, sharing is caring!!! Until next time…20150620_104431 (1)

Be Blessed Beauties


12 thoughts on “Fun Look for the summer!

  1. I have not read a lot of your blog yet sorry I was caught by this post 🙂 i have very oily skin and looking for reasonably priced but good makeup suggestions for face makeup. could you give me any. everyone suggests then rimmel line and those do not work. thanks so much ❤

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  2. Oh my god those colors. Give ’em to me in oil paints and I’d be stoked. Give them to me in that form and I’d be lost. You’ve got some talent! Makes me wanna play with some makeup now, and does it matter that all I gotta do is go to the post office and get dog food? No, no it does not. 😛

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