The Power of your thoughts

Good morning everyone! We made it, it’s Friday at last!! I honestly think I look forward to the weekend way too much lol ah well.

Today I want to talk about the power of your thoughts. One thought can really make or break you without you even knowing it. That’s why it is so important to be conscious of the things we fill our minds with. It far exceeds what we watch on T.V, or listen to on the radio. We must be aware of the things we read, what we subscribe to on social media, even the conversations we partake in. All those things have such a huge impact on the way we think.

Our thoughts impact how we look, what we eat, what we think about people, and most importantly ourselves. We tend to be our worst critics, and sometimes that’s not a bad thing as long as it is positive and constructive. I tend to think of myself as a realist. I like to be honest with myself about myself and with others. I’m the friend everyone goes to for the honest opinion that you don’t really want to hear but need to hear πŸ™‚ At times I can be a little much but I rather be honest with the people I love than have them thinking otherwise or having to hear it from someone else in a not so nice fashion. However in doing so it’s important to remain positive and constructive. If your thoughts are going to bring you down or someone else it’s best not to have them at all, or to vocalize them.

Don’t let your thoughts be a poison or a cancer to your life, nothing good can come from that. Do your best not to dwell on things that you can’t change, be as positive as you can! When things are going well and you have nothing to worry about, this is easier said than done. But even in times of despair it’s always best to look at the bright side of everything and let that be your focus. Let good, kind, uplifting thoughts fill your mind. Your thoughts don’t have to be grandiose complex ideas, just simple ones that can inspire you πŸ™‚ Like: ” I am a good person despite what someone says about me, “I will have a better job one day, but my current job is helping me right now”, “I will achieve my small goals, so I can have greater ones later”, “I will be the person I set out to be, but I love who am I am right now”.

One thought can make or break you, let your positive thoughts make you, and your negative thoughts motivate you. You have the power to control your thoughts, which ones are you going to fuel?

Have a great weekend, be blessed, and be positive! Until next time …


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