Bubble Nails!

Ok let’s get right into it, round 2! #Backtoback Blog post

Bubble nails, curve nails, hump nails, what are they? So if you haven’t been on social media the last few days pictures of “bubble nails” have been surfacing all over the place, but what are they? They are acrylic nails that literally have been shaped like a bubble on the nail. A thin layer of acrylic starts at the cuticle of the nail, then builds up to get the desired look, giving the nails a 3D kind of vibe (in my opinion). Now I love my acrylic nails and I am always up for new and creative ways to glam them up, but I don’t know about this lol Screenshot_2015-08-04-11-10-39-1Screenshot_2015-08-04-11-10-28-1Screenshot_2015-08-04-11-10-47-1Screenshot_2015-08-04-11-11-09-1**All these images were obtained from public accounts on instagram**, to see more hashtag #bubblenails. So lets chat let me know your thoughts on this “new” trend 🙂

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