Lipstick Wishlist


Ladies and Gents have you heard the news? Christian Louboutin is releasing a lipstick line!!! These luxurious lipsticks will be released in September (per the article I read  on USA Today) and they are going to run you a pretty penny, $90.00 a pop. I love the finer things in life (really who doesn’t) but I don’t know if I will be splurging on that…well let me not speak to soon lol. But for $90.00 my lips better feel like satin, it should last all day and a red carpet needs to roll out every time I put it on okaaaaay!

photo obtained from cosmopolitan magazine online
Image obtained from cosmopolitan magazine online

Louboutin really out did himself with the design of the lipsticks, that can also be worn as a necklace (pulling out all the stops).

Imaged obtained from EOnline
Imaged obtained from E-Online

The style design was inspired by everything fancy from, Babylonian Architecture to Middle Eastern techniques. There is a reason this man is one of the best shoe designers in the land! Why should his lipstick line be any different? In an article from Entertain This they posted a quote of what the master mind himself  (Christian Louboutin) said in a press release:

“After the eyes, lips represent the most expressive element of the face. And there’s the fetish appeal because lipstick can transform a face from intense, to naïve or even dangerous. When a woman makes up her lips, the rest of the face seemingly disappears. Unconsciously, she might become more aware of her lips and her elocution and expression. A red lip can speak volumes, think of the blood red mouth of Edith Piaf, helping the diva morph into a voice. Sporting lipstick is therefore often a signature for an accomplished woman.”

Gasp…I am an accomplished woman so this might just be the lipstick for me after all. There are 38 beautiful shades, in 3 different finishes Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile. Don’t they just sound dreamy?? So as I stated before they are supposed to drop in September, now if they’re are like any other makeup line making a grand debut they are going to sell out fast! So if you plan on snatching them up be ready to pounce.

So tell me your thoughts on this, would you buy this lipstick??? Is it worth the investment?? Is it an investment?? lol let’s chat! 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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