10 Lies That Are Keeping You From Success

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Dream Big, Dream Often

Too often I read emails from people expressing how they would love to participate in a certain activity, profession, adventure, etc., but cannot because (insert list of excuses here).  Sometimes things we want to do are unattainable.  I understand that at this point in life I am probably not going to be an astronaut; and I am okay with that.

But I think we learn to make excuses too quickly and learn to accept the status quo way to easily.   And then sometimes we simply learn to lie to ourselves.  And the lying is tough to swallow.  I have compiled my list of the 10 basic lies we tell ourselves that are keeping us from success (success defined as achieving any goal):

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1.  I am too old/it is too late.  It is never too late to do the right thing and it is never…

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