Back to School Makeup Look!!

Good Afternoon !!!! Hope you are all doing well and are getting ready for the weekend!

This is a bitter sweet post… Today I bring you a “Back to school makeup” Pictorial. Back to school means the summer is coming to an end 😦 but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun and getting glammed up!! I’m no longer in school but I remember gearing up for this time of the year and it can be a little bummer. But hopefully after this post you’ll feel better about going to school with a fresh new face 🙂

Back to school can sometimes mean, back to budgeting. So I created this look with products that can be found at your local drug store, Wal*Mart, Target, CVS etc. I am a firm believer in looking your best while saving some money!! You can purchase all these products for under $25.00 and if you have some reward coupons it may be even cheaper! So let’s get started:

1.Shape those brows. Good eyebrows means you’ll have a good day so let’s get them lined up. To fill in and shape up my brows I used NYX  Auto Brow Pencil in Dark Brown. This can be purchased at Target for $4.49 20150826_174033 (1)

2.Highlight your brow bone. (underneath the arch). I don’t do this everyday because sometimes I’m just plain lazy, but it makes a world of difference for your brows. It gives them a clean, crisp look. For this I used my ELF mini concealer brush, which was $1.00 (check out there website for other great beauty finds). I used my L.A. Girl Cosmetics pro concealer to highlight which is only $2.99 🙂 The line doesn’t have to be perfect because your going to blend it out. The goal is make your eyebrow look like you just got them done. 20150826_173459 (1)20150826_173555 (1)

3. Apply Foundation. For this look I did my eyebrows first then applied my foundation, most days I do my foundation first then my brows, I really don’t think it matters which order you do it in as long as everything flows together lol. I used my Maybelline Fit Me Matte foundation in the color “Toffee” this can also be purchased at Target for $5.99. I like to dab the foundation all over my face then blend it in with either a stippling brush, a beauty blender, or my hands. Your hands are a great tool don’t neglect to use them from time to time (as long as they are clean!)
20150826_174615 (1)

4.Highlight. Now you can do this before you apply your foundation or after, totally up to you. I like to highlight under my eyes, above my lips, around my lips and my chin. I typically either use my concealer brush (which can be purchased at ELF cosmetics website or in Target for $3.00) or my beauty blender ($20.00 at Sephora) I used my Maybelline Fit Me concealer. If you haven’t noticed I’m a huge fan for the Maybelline Fit Me line. To see more of my favorite foundations and concealer check out these post.

20150826_174306 (1)

maybelline fit me foundation
Finished look after you have blended your foundation and concealer

5.Set the foundation. Setting your foundation is really going to help it last longer and prevent it from shifting on your face. If you have oily skin it will also help to cut down on the shine. This is one of the reasons I use Matte foundation to reduce a shiny look on my face. I like to set my face with NYX HD Studio finishing powder, which you guessed it… can be purchased at target for $9.99.nyx hd studio powder

6.Apply Eyeshadow. For this look I used my ELF Cosmetics eye shadow palette. I love these colors because they are very light and create the perfect daytime look. If you are a beginner it gives you step by step as to where you should apply the certain colors (base,lid, crease, and highlight or corner of the eyes).ELF Cosmetics Eye shadowELF Cosmetics Eye shadowELF Cosmetics Eye Shadow

7.Apply Mascara, Blush, and Lipgloss. All that is left to do now is add the finishing touches. For mascara I used Maybelline Falsies, which can also be purchased at target for $4.99, my blush was the only thing I didn’t get from the drugstore it was from Forever 21 for $2.99. Lastly I used my Cover Girl “smochies” lipgloss.Smoochies Cover Girl Lip gloss Tickled PinkI added eyeliner in one of the pictures so you could see the difference:
back to school makeupback to school makeup20150826_181208 (1)

Well as usual I hope that you enjoyed my post and gathered a few ideas for your back to school makeup routine. If you have any of these products or try this look, share it with me I would love to see it 🙂 Let’s connect you can find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram ! Don’t forget to like, comment, follow or share 🙂 sharing is caring! Until next time….

Be Blessed Beauties


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