August Favorites!!

Hello my beautiful people!! Hope you are all doing well. So I’m a few days behind on this post 😦 After telling you about my lovely vacation I ended up getting a cold, and summer colds are super annoying. But I’m back feeling better and ready to share with you my awesome buys from the month of August.

Now that the seasons are changing sometimes I add or take away from makeup products that I have been using or just feel the need to try something new. That’s the beauty of makeup products they are always evolving, colors are always changing, and manufactures are hoping we take notice so we can buy it all lol. With that being said, here we go…

1. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation- A lot of makeup artist I follow on Instagram and YouTube have been talking about this foundation for a while, so I decided to try it for myself and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. This foundation is great for all my people with oily skin. Once it’s applied it’s like oily skin was never a problem. It has a beautiful, full coverage, matte finish making your skin look incredibly smooth! Now because no foundation is perfect and can eliminate all traces of oil I still set my face with my NYX HD finishing powder.($12.00)

Image is not mine
Image is not mine

2. Hard Candy Fast and Fabulous Finishing Spray- Now I gotta be honest I tried this on a whim. In one of my previous post I talked about my love for NYX Matte Finishing spray  which is the only one I have ever used…however desperate times call for desperate measures. I was in Wal*Mart and I needed finishing spray so I grabbed this one, and I gotta say for $6.00 it works great. I wear my makeup for about 8 hours a day sometimes more, but from the morning until I get out of work I want my makeup to remain in the same place and this def helps. The Infallible foundation can seem drying to the skin at first so I spray my face before applying the foundation (to use as a primer) and spray my makeup brush (with the finishing spray) to help apply the product. So 2 thumbs up for this spontaneous buy !! 🙂

Image is not mine
Image is not mine

3. NYX Brow Gel (Espresso)- If you know me or have been following my blog for a while you know there are 2 things that matter most to me, my lip gloss and my eyebrows lol. I have a new eyebrow product that I think you guys should def try. I have been wearing this for a few weeks now and I gotta say I love it as much as my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade (shocking right??) For one this stuff is waterproof, that means while your running at the gym,or dropping it like it’s hot in the club your brows will stay in place (hallelujah). You really can’t ask for too much more than that in my opinion. If you are a beginner using brow gel,I would def recommend practicing with it while you are bored at home. You never want to get a new product and try it right before going out lol you never know how things may turn out. It dries quickly and is unforgiving if you mess up, so handle with care. But it is a winner for sure. ($5.00)NYX Brow Gel

4.Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Tinted Gel Mousse- Typically if I am using a brow gel or pomade I won’t use an additional brow gel, you really don’t need both if you have a good product. However this is a good product if you are using a brow powder or pencil. The purpose of this product is too keep your brow hair and the product used to fill them in, in place. I really like this, it is a light, transparent gel thatgoes unnoticed on the brows and lasts all day! ($6.00)

Image is not mine
Image is not mine

5.Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub- I have used this product off and on for many years. It runs for about $4.00 and does wonders for your skin. It can be used as a daily face scrub, or if you have sensitive skin I would suggest maybe once a week. It’s always good to gently exfoliate your skin to remove any dirt, oils, and dead skin. I started using it again this summer because I was out in the sun so much and sometimes that can make my skin blotchy. This scrub helps to even out my skin and make any acne scars I may have less noticeable. It leaves your skin looking fresh and feeling smooth 🙂

Image is not mine
Image is not mine

And there you have it my August favorites 🙂 If you have already tried some of these products tell me your opinion on them. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and share! Sharing is caring 🙂 Until next time….

Be Blessed Beauties,


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  1. Elyse I tried to find that shade no such luck! Darkest they have here is honey! And its so pink lol. Oh well we shall see if they bring more out or will look online. Thank you so much hunny xxx

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