Chocolate Smokey Eye

Good Morning Beauties, Happy Friday!!!

Are you ready for the weekend? I am, I haven’t been this excited about the weekend since last weekend lol. Today I bring you the “chocolate smokey eye”. Who doesn’t love a good smokey eye?? I love this look because it isn’t the classic black smokey eye, it has a lot of earth tones and a little bit of shimmer.

Kristy Alane of HippyLip sponsored and awesome giveaway a couple weeks ago, the winner was to receive a LORAC eye shadow palette and a complete set of Crown makeup brushes. I entered in the final hour (literally) and I won 🙂 YAYYY!! So thank you again Kristy.IMG_20150930_171544 (1)

Let’s get started shall we! Here is what I created and how I did it: (please excuse my Gap sweatshirt lol)LORAC CosmeticsLORAC cosmetics

1.Prime your eyelids first. This is going to make the eye shadow stay on longer, help stop it from creasing, and bring about the pigment in the shadow. I used NYX eye shadow base (natural shade).

2.I applied “Uninterrupted” eye shadow by MAC this is my go to transition shade it works well with just about any shade and it helps to blend all the colors together.

3.I started darkening the outer corner of my eye with the darkest brown shade in the palette (sorry I didn’t see a name on the package). Always start with a little product and then build up, remember it’s always easier to add color than it is to take it away.

4.Next I added “Sienna” from my Anastasia Beverly Hills “Maya Mia” palette, to start the gradient effect. Blending is the key to making your makeup have definition. NYX eye brow gel

LORAC Cosmetics

5.After it’s all blended I added the shimmer color (2nd one on the palette) on the lid, just to create a separation of color (and because I like shimmer 🙂 ).

6. So I’m sure you have seen people use eye shadow shields, or tape on the outer corner of their eye to create a clean crisp line, whelp I have another technique. Sometimes when you are doing your shadow it tends to go past the corner of your eye and/or the tail end of your eyebrow, if it does that; take a face wipe wrap it around your pointer finger and with one swift motion wipe up (towards your temple) this will give you a clean line of eye shadow. You can also take a small concealer brush and highlight under the eye shadow line with concealer, to clean it up.

7.I added the dark shade of brown to the lower lash line, I like to do this sometimes instead of adding eyeliner, it gives the smokey effect without being to dark and harsh.NYX Liquid liner

8. My favorite step…eyeliner. NYX H20 liquid eyeliner is my absolute favorite because it does not move!! I don’t care if your in a sand storm, and cried 1000 tears, your eyeliner will still be on fleek!

9.Apply mascara, I used NYC Sky high black mascara. It’s definitely good if you want to have a more natural look, it lengthens the lashes without too much volume and no clumps.

LORAC Cosmetics 10. For my lips I decided to keep it nude because I wanted the focus to be on my eyes. I have on “Chestnut” lip liner by MAC and “Nude Attitude” lipstick by Revlon.

Now if you are feeling jazzy you can smoke out the outer corner of your eyes a little more with black eye shadow, add some lashes and a little more shimmer to the lid to really make it pop!! Here’s what that would look like:LORAC CosmeticsLORAC Cosmetics

And there you have it my take on a “Chocolate Smokey Eye”. If you have this palette or any other products let me know how they work for you, I’d love to hear about it 🙂 If you enjoy these mini pictorials let me know what else you would like to see 🙂 Don’t forget to like, comment, follow, and share!! sharing is caring 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


34 thoughts on “Chocolate Smokey Eye

  1. OMG!! I am impressed and you look AMAZING!! You make that GAP sweatshirt look like runway material haha. Now you know I’m gonna finally pull out that Lorac palette that has been collecting Oh and I use same technique if I go too far out with the shadow (sometimes even a q-tip), even if I don’t mess up I love the clean cat eye swoop. I’m a little bent out of shape about the pigment names not being listed, but it still doesn’t change how BEAUTIFUL you look!

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      1. Heyyyyy! Nice! Such beautiful watches! I plan on doing monthly updates (for the rest of my life) to update you guys on how my saving is going. Good luck with your savings goals!! Thanks so much for reading! xoxoxo

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