Skeleton Mask Halloween Makeup

Happy Monday Beauties!!

I have another Halloween look for you today 🙂 I think I might have found my niche, these Halloween looks (although very time-consuming) are super fun to do!! I may do two more before the week ends just to give you guys some more ideas, then it’s back to my regular post. But I gotta say it’s been a fun month posting these different looks every week.

So over the weekend I did a skull mask look, inspired by Chrisspy the MUA, she’s def one of my fav’s on instagram. I will link her page below. I didn’t go out and buy any face paint I just used what I had, since I wasn’t going anywhere with the look. But I would recommend getting face paint if you plan on trying this only because I’m sure it will be a thicker consistency than my eye pencil and less oily.

skelton makeup

 First: I outlined my the lower half of my face with my NYX jumbo pencil in the color “milk” I used this in my last makeup look, this pencil really comes in handy. If you choose to use this pencil I would def recommend setting your fave with powder so the product does not move around.

Second: I very lightly outlined under my, nose and where the teeth should go, just to get an idea of where to fill everything in. Once that was done I went over my nose, hollow of my cheeks with Sephora black gel liner and black eye shadow to set the liner. I also used the gel liner for the center of my mouth.

Filter made this looks creepy
Filter made this looks creepy

Third: I added more detail to the teeth. Now this is all optional, because this part will def take the most amount of time. Once i drew the teeth in with the liner, I went back and added some shading around the edges of the teeth to give some definition.

skeleton makeup

And that is it!! This was probably the easiest out of the 4 looks I have done so far. You can really make it into whatever you want that’s the beauty of it all. If you have a look you want me to try (before Halloween) let me know. Comment below or hit up my TWITTER , INSTAGRAM , or  Facebook . Thank you for your continued support 🙂 don’t forget to like, comment, follow and share!! Sharing is caring 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


link to Chrisspy Instagram page

11 thoughts on “Skeleton Mask Halloween Makeup

  1. Awesome makeup, girl! I love the skull face mask look. Your posts seem like they’d be up my isle of interest, so I’ve followed you! I hope to see you around! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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