Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Beauties!!

So as I told you guys earlier this week, I have two more looks for you 🙂 I made an attempt to create a “shattered doll” and a “vampire” So if your looking for last minute ideas for today/tonight maybe these will help 🙂

shattered doll

Look number 1 ” Shattered Doll”

This look is fairly easy. It really just depends on how much detail you want to add to the face. For foundation I used my studio fix by MAC, applied to my entire face evenly. Brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow. Eyes I used BH cosmetics “special occasion”  palette deep purple and a cranberry like color for my base. To make my eyes appear doll like I used NYX “milk” jumbo eye pencil. I then traced it with Sephora gel liner and drew little lashes to enhance my new water line. For my lips I used LA Girl cosmetics “glaze” in the color bombshell. I drew 2 lines on the each corner of my mouth to give the illusion that it only opened up and down. I used the same Sephora gel liner for that. For the cracks on my face I took Wet-n-Wild black liner to outline where I wanted the lines to go and then went over it with the gel liner. My cracks were a little big compared to others that I have seen, if you want to make your cracks looks smaller and more defined just make the lines skinnier and closer together.To make them stand out add white lines (eye liner) to enhance thshattered doll em, giving them a reflection. Add some big bold lashes and there you have it a “shattered doll”. Mine are koko lashes “queen b”.

Next is Lady Vamp (Vampire)

I applied my foundation and my brows the same way that I did for the shattered doll. I contoured my face using BH cosmetics neutrals palette with a grayish brown color. I did my forehead, temples, cheeks and nose and blended it out with a light brown blush. For my eyes I used Wet-n-Wild black eye liner on my lid and just smoked it out by blending it into my crease with a black shadow. vampireFor the base I used my BH palette again (“special occasion”) with the same cranberry like color I mentioned before to give my eyes a “bruised” like look. I applied the same black shadow to my lower lash line, and the cranberry color all the way to top of my cheeks. I then took a deep purple and mixed with the cranberry color to add veins under my eyes.You know like on Vampire Diaries lol clearly I’m a fan. For my lips I lined them with black pencil liner and then I used L.A. Girl cosmetics matte lipstick “Bazarre” to give it an ombre effect, almost blood stained looking. I’m sorry I don’t have the name of my lashes, they are old but I got them from Shop Miss A.

And that completes my Halloween looks! I hope you have enjoyed these vampireposts as much as I have. It’s always good to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. A year ago I would have never attempted to do any of these looks, but blogging and a new sense of confidence helped me to open up to all kinds of creativity. Hopefully I have done that for some of you 🙂 Have a Happy Halloween (if you are celebrating) be safe and don’t eat too much candy!! Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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