Shattered Nails

Happy November Beauties!! 3 days in can you believe it ? Time flies doesn’t it??

So I have to bring to your attention another beauty trend that is on the rise. As you guys know I love nails and nail art, if you didn’t know check out my page with all my nail designs (here). Shattered glass nails are apparently all the rave, but what is it exactly?

Well lets take a trip to Seoul, Korea and find the most sought out nail artist Park Eun Kyung. She is the creator of this awesome new trend. Don’t worry it’s not real pieces of glass that are on the nails, but the illusion it creates is uncanny. In an interview with Vogue she stated that she started using cellophane candy wrapper pieces but they were not very pliable so she switched to holographic film from Japan. Cutting it up into small pieces became quite the task so she turned them into stickers, and viola shattered/glass nails design was created. Here is the link to her IG page: Nail_Unistella

Here are some pics I got from Buzzfeed:shattered nailsshattered nailsshattered nails

So what do you think about this new trend? Would you try it? Make it your own DIY project? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this. Here is the link to the VOGUE article I got my information from. I hope you liked my post this evening, I do my best to try and keep up on the latest trends. If there is another trend you know about let me 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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