Spray on Nail Polish

**Update** Nails Inc posted a picture on their instagram of the spray can on shelves in a store, so it can now be purchased. Let me know if you try it 😊

Hey Hey everyone! Happy Friday (what’s left of it anyway lol)

Nails-inc-Alexa Chung-1-Vogue-5Nov15-pr_b
Picture from Vogue.co.uk

Sometimes I like to take the time and find new blogs to read, just to see what other people are talking about ya know? So I came across Jen Baker and she posted about spray on nail polish…Yes spray on nail polish!! The days of an at home, uneven (at first i said messy, but you still might make a mess) manicure might soon be over!!! I went straight to google to see if I could dig up some more info.

Nails Inc. has a paint can spray nail polish (you can pre-order it now). Basically you put on a base coat spray your nails for 20 seconds, paint a top coat, wash your hands and boom fresh manicure!! It’s just that simple apparently. Now as you know I get my nails done, due to the acrylic overlay so I typically don’t paint them at home, but this seems like a good idea (minus all my fingers getting paint on them).

But I have a few questions, how long does it last? Like how many paint jobs can I get out of one can? Should I wear a mask because of the fumes? I mean the ladies at my nail salon do ((shrugs)) lol What do you guys think about this?

Picture from Vogue.co.uk
Picture from Vogue.co.uk

Hope you enjoyed my late night nail post lol here is the link to the Vogue article I got my info from. Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


17 thoughts on “Spray on Nail Polish

  1. My main problem with painting nails at home is how time consuming it is! If it’ll look good, without having to be so precise and it’ll dry faster…. count me in.

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  2. late response but I think its a great idea. I’m a terrible nail painter. i smudge, never let them dry long enough and it ends in disaster so i typically go bare nails.

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