Spray on Nail Polish

Beauty By Elyse

**Update** Nails Inc posted a picture on their instagram of the spray can on shelves in a store, so it can now be purchased. Let me know if you try it 😊

Hey Hey everyone! Happy Friday (what’s left of it anyway lol)

Nails-inc-Alexa Chung-1-Vogue-5Nov15-pr_b Picture from Vogue.co.uk

Sometimes I like to take the time and find new blogs to read, just to see what other people are talking about ya know? So I came across Jen Baker and she posted about spray on nail polish…Yes spray on nail polish!! The days of an at home, uneven (at first i said messy, but you still might make a mess) manicure might soon be over!!! I went straight to google to see if I could dig up some more info.

Nails Inc. has a paint can spray nail polish (you can pre-order it now). Basically you put on a base coat spray your…

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