Day 2 : Daily Makeup Products

Happy Wednesday! The week is half over rejoice 🙂

Today’s topic is: Daily makeup products. This varies from day to day, only because it depends on how much time I have in the morning to prepare for work lol . But here are the items that I typically use everyday:

Most recently I have really loved The Mary Kay brow definer pencil. I love how it goes on and still helps my brows to look natural.

Next I can’t go without mascara, once you get in the habit of wearing falsies it’s hard to see your eyelashes bare, at least for me it is. My go to mascara is by NYC “Sky Rise”. It’s great for lengthening the lashes and the brush leaves minimal clumps, if any at all. Sky Rise NYC Mascara

My daily foundation choice is a toss up between studio fix by MAC and Fit Me matte foundation by Maybelline:

They both provide the coverage I need and are easy to apply, specifically when I am in a hurry!! If you like to read a little bit more about these products check here

Next to set my face, my Laura Mercier setting has been recently added to my daily routine:

Laura Mercier setting powder

These products help me to create a very clean, natural looking face which is why they are a part of my daily routine 🙂 Tomorrow will be a post on my nails so if you are interested, make sure you come back!! Or sign up with your email so you can get notifications when I post. Until next time…


Be Blessed Beauties


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