Day 3: Nails

Hey hey hey,

Today might be my favorite post because it’s about (drum roll please) NAILS!! If you didn’t know I love nail art, long nails, short ones, light ones, bright ones, I don’t care as long as they’re pretty. My mom taught me a long time ago that, a lady never has chipped nail polish on her hands or feet. So I always keep my nails done, but there is always that one unruly nail that wants to chip or break so when I can’t make it to the salon I have everything I need to take care of it at home.

One should always have the following supplies on deck, in case of a nail emergency:

1.Nail clipper

2.Nail file

3. Clear polish

4.Cotton balls

5. Q-tips 

6.Nail glue

7. Band-aids (ya just never know!!! )

Here is my flavor of the week 🙂 

20151127_141440-1 (1)
“A taupe the space needles” and “I herd that” OPI nail polish

If you are new to my page you can click right here: and see not all but many of my nail designs and styles I have had in the past 🙂

So what color polish are you wearing this fall/winter? As always I hope you enjoyed my post. Thank you for stopping by!! Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties




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