Day 6:Brushes

Hey Beauties! Back for round 2…

So last month I won a give-away from the lovely Kristy Alane (her page is HippyLip) which included a 15 pc. brush set from Crown Brushes and the Lorac Skinny black palette. I did a makeup look using that palette which can be seen here :( ) So back to the brushes.

There are 15 synthetic brushes that came in a really cute carrying case:

Crown Brush giveaway
Crown Brush Set

First I gotta say these brushes feel great on the skin, they are very soft. They don’t shed and they apply the makeup evenly. All the brushes are labeled so you know what to use them for, which is very helpful for beginners.

Set619 (1) (3)

Going left to right:

  1. Chisel Powder- this is good for powder foundation, loose powder, or setting powder.
  2. Chisel Blush- you guessed it lol this can be used for blush, the bristles are pretty dense so it keeps the product in the location where it is applied. As opposed to a fluffy brush that dusts the product over the skin.
  3. Angle Blush- this too can be used for blush, but I have been using it as a contouring brush.
  4. Foundation- this is for liquid foundation, I have only used this brush twice just to get a feel for it, and it does apply my foundation evenly. However for me the best way to apply liquid foundation is with my hands.
    Set619 (1) (2)
    Crown brushes

    5. Angle Blender- this is my FAVORITE brush in the whole set!! This brush is perfect for the outer corner of your eye and applying color directly into the crease. It does all the work for you, choose your color and apply it. It creates a soft wing with the color, here’s an example:

6.Oval Shadow- this is an oval tapered brush that is good for                           applying  your base color, or if you plan on just using one shade.                     It covers the majority of the lid with a few sweeps.

7.Blending Fluff- the bristles on this brush are short which make it               easy blend colors together, so there are no harsh lines.

8.Mini Smudger- this little number is perfect for your lash line. It                 works great to complete a smoky eye with eye shadow or eye liner.

9. Round Crease- this brush is made just for your crease, it works                   perfect if you are trying to blend color for a cut crease, or just to define         the line above your crease.

Set619 (1) (1)

10.Lash Fan- Gotta be honest I have not tried this one yet. But it used           for mascara. What you would do is, take a makeup spatula and extract           the product from the tube and place a small amount on the tip of the           fan then apply it to the lashes in an upward motion.

11. Brow/Lash groomer- this brush can be used to brush your                           eyebrows, and the comb side is used for separating your lashes.

12. Concealer- I think you know what this is for lol…concealer. It’s               small enough for under the eyes and highlighting your brow bone.

13. Oval Lip- this is good for applying lip gloss or lipstick.

14.Flat Liner- use this for eyeliner in the lash line.

15.Angle liner- this can  be used for gel eyeliner or eyebrow pomade. I           use it for my brows, it gives the perfect brow line.

So overall I would def recommend these brushes. They are affordable and are great quality! Here is the link to where you can find them:

If you have crown brushes, or used them in the past how do you like them? What brushes are you currently using?  I hope this post was helpful, my best friend has been asking me to do this for a while so, shout to you Angela lol 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties



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