Day 7:Daily Skin Care routine

Not much has changed with my routine so Im going to re-post this for Day 7: Skincare

Beauty By Elyse

Hey Beauties welcome back,

So for my mid-week post I’d like to talk about my face care regimen (or lack there of). Let’s be honest we all set out to wash our face, moisturize, exfoliate, prep, prime, blah, blah, blah, and by the end of the week we’ve fallen asleep in our makeup, popped that annoying pimple, and completely abandoned our routine. If I didn’t describe you congratulations! You probably have beautiful skin and are a little disappointed in what I mentioned lol If I did describe you lets get back on track 🙂

First things first the most important part of a skincare regimen is the routine. You’ve got to commit to a system. Everyday particularly at the same time if you can. Getting into the habit makes it easier to follow through. Of course life happens but you gotta do your best to stick to the script!


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