Day 9: Makeup Storage

Hey Hey Beauties!!

Happy Wednesday! we made it half way through the week, it’s all down hill from here right? At least I hope so. So today is about makeup storage.  My makeup storage consists, of my purse, my car, drawers in the bathroom, on top of my dresser, probably in between my couch cushions lol. Needless to say I have no real storage system. So I am going to make this post about my storage fantasy 🙂 In a perfect world what I would like my vanity to look like.

First I need some light, natural light is best but that’s hard to get when you are indoors. So I think I would go old school with some Hollywood big white lights. Nothing like some old school glam right?__1.jpg

Next I need a place to sit, cause let’s face it some days your face needs more work than others, so I want to be comfortable while I’m slaying this face, ya feel me.

Image obtained from

Now where to house all my makeup? I need a table with multiple drawers, not too many because that has the ability to fill up with junk real quick. But I would like small drawers for my lashes, lash glue, tweezers, and eye brow scissors. Then a space for all my foundations, blush, and eye shadows. Everything should be in a centralized location so I am not scrambling for it in the morning like I am currently doing lol.

This little number holds lotions, foundation, brushes, and nail polish. To top it off it spins!! #winning. I might actually ask Santa for this lol Maybe I should do a makeup Christmas wishlist…hmmm 😉


Image obtained from Ebay

Now I don’t know about you but my lipstick and lip gloss collection is out of control, I am currently keeping them in tupper ware containers (how embarrassing smh). So I def need a lipstick holder like this one:

Image obtained from

Lastly I need a place for all my brushes. I currently keep all the ones I use on the daily in old plastic cups that I got from Wal*Mart (don’t judge me lol). Now you don’t necessarily need to buy an actual makeup brush holder, although it would be convenient. You can totally DIY and get real creative. Like cutting holes in the top of a shoe box to hold the brushes in place to keep right on top of your vanity. Or taking old mason jars and filling them with beads to keep the brushes stationary. I mean the ideas are really endless.

How do you store all your makeup? If you have any good places to purchase the items I have mentioned let me know, I would love to get some of these things eventually. If you have DIY projects share them too 🙂 As always I hope that you have enjoyed my post. Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


4 thoughts on “Day 9: Makeup Storage

  1. I thrifted an old clunky desktop organizer. The kind from the 80’s with little drawers….painted it pink and I love it!!! I also have a vanity from the 60’s which I’m still working on. Good luck with your organizing!!

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