Day 15: Mascara

Hey Beauties!

Hope you all had a lovely day, we’re one step closer to the weekend which is always a good thing, right?

So today’s topic is mascara. I legit only where two different kinds when I’m not wearing false lashes. I don’t wear falsies all the time because I’m not trying to have bald eye lids lol Screenshot_2015-12-15-22-25-01-1
So to prevent looking like that ☝lol. I have two go-to mascaras. First up is my Haught and Naughty Mascara by MAC. This mascara is great for lengthening the lashes and adding volume. Screenshot_2015-12-15-22-17-38-1

The neat thing about this mascara is it can be used two ways. First by simply removing the wand from the tube and applying it to the lashes (this gives a more fuller look). Or by pulling it through the the holder on the cap  (I just confused myself too lol). If you look in the picture there’s a sparkly cylinder then a maroon one. If you twist just the maroon one it cleans off all the extra product off the bristles. This means less clumps and longer lashes. If that’s what you’re into I would def recommend this product it’s  $22.00.

Next is my Sky Rise by NYC. I mentioned this in my “holy grail” products. I love this mascara I use it everyday even if I’m wearing lashes. It keeps my lashes long and they don’t stick together. The best part is that it’s only $2.99. I don’t know about you but I love a good product at an even better price. Sky Rise NYC Mascara


back to school makeup
Here’s just the Sky Rise mascara

That’s it short and sweet! My favorite mascaras. I just want to thank you for your continued support. I hope you’re enjoying the 30 days of beauty thus far, we are at the half way mark! ! Let’s keep the momentum going 😉 So until next time  (tomorrow) …

Be Blessed Beauties


8 thoughts on “Day 15: Mascara

      1. I have only tried one but I didn’t like it. The Hypercurl one. I have heard good things about the Lash Sensational but I am still waiting for a good promotion on it… I keep asking people but Maybelline mascaras are very polarising.

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