Day 16: Moisturizer

What day is it?…HUMP DAAAAAY! lol Today is about moisturizer. Back in my June favorites post I mentioned a skin care line by Burts Bees that I had been using. One of the items was a face lotion. Here is the excerpt from that post:

Burts Bees facial products- So last month I told you about my night creams and facial moisturizers I was using but I switched it up again (sorry). I think I have found 3 things that really work for me. and they are the Burts Bees Natural Acne Solutions Clarifying Toner, Radiance Day Cream and the Herbal Blemishing Stick. I love these products especially the blemishing stick it really handles those annoying over night breakouts and sends them right back to where they came from! The toner doesn’t over dry my skin and it doesn’t burn like most toners with alcohol do, it leaves my face feeling very clean. The day cream is so light an airy which is great if you use liquid foundation because it doesn’t make your face feel cakey with so many products on top of each other. 3 for the win people!

Burts Bees

For my body I use Vaseline Intensive care lotion; in addition to Bath and Body Works body creams. My favorites are “Cashmere Mist “, “Vanilla bean Noel”, and “Twilight woods”.I also keep travel size lotion in my purse, car and desk at work. I hate when my hands feel dry after washing them. I try to keep my skin as moisturized as possible, especially in the winter. If my skin appears to be dry I add a dab of vaseline to the lotion to make it thicker, this turns my dry skin right around!.

Image obtained from Vaseline brand website

And that’s how I keep my skin looking healthy and moisturized. What do you use? ? What moisturizer works best for your skin? As always I hope you enjoyed this post 😊 until next time …

Be Blessed Beauties


4 thoughts on “Day 16: Moisturizer

  1. I brought that Vaseline Lotion a few weeks ago as a backup and for the colder weather, it does not cut it for my dry skin. I may start mixing with it Vaseline as you said so I don’t waste it, but I personally don’t care for that particular item. I usually go with eucerin in the winter for my extra dry skin and Olay quench (purple tube) to keep my skin glowing for the summer. For my face I use the Vitamin E cream at least In the colder months. I typically just use some aloe in the warmer months because my face gets too oily and hot for anything else. I may try that Burt bees line. I’ve tried the orange scented face cleanser (thank you 😉) and I liked it so we’ll see about those other products. Thanks for sharing love! I’m enjoying this 30 day challenge so far! Good job!

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    1. Def try mixing it with Vaseline. I’ve been using that lotion for what seems like forever lol. I have used Olay quench (it smells great). You should also try Nivea lotion thats good for dry skin. Thank you for your continued support !!😊 and coming along this blogging journey with me.


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