Day 17: No Makeup

Hey Beauties!

Thank you for joining me on another day of this 30 day beauty challenge 😊. Today was probably the easiest task of them all…no makeup. To prepare for this all I had to do was put my pajamas on, wash my face, tie up my hair and take a picture. No primer, no foundation, my uneven eyebrows have been set free lol just me and my phone (camera).

If I’m not going anywhere this is what I typically look like. I enjoy being comfortable, I want to be able to stretch out on the couch and grab a pillow without worrying if my blush will leave a mark,or if my lipgloss will smear.

I love makeup,(obviously) but I can def go without it. I wrote a post over the summer about why I wear makeup and not once did I mention I wear it because I need to, or I’m not me without it. I wear makeup because I love creating art, I like reinventing myself every day. But first and foremost I am comfortable with myself without makeup. Makeup can’t give you what you don’t have, it can only enhance what you do have. So embrace yourself and love yourself with and without makeup 😊 because you’re beautiful either way.


And now I am officially off to bed lol as always I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time …

Be Blessed Beauties




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