Day 18: Hand Cream

Happy Friday 🙂 !!

We made it yayyyy! I’m so ready for the weekend. I love this time of year because there are always cookies and holiday parties to enjoy, both of which are on my agenda this weekend 🙂

Today is about hand cream. Not very exciting stuff lol but It is always important to keep your hands (and body) moisturized. No one wants to hold hands with someone with scaly, dry hands lol.

For no particular reason, other than I’m always misplacing my lotion I use 3 different kinds. I leave one in my car, desk, and purse.

Cocoa Butter

I keep Queen Helene “cocoa butter” in my desk. The water at my job is so hard, it leaves my hands extra dry right after I wash them so this helps to restore the moisture.

hand cream.jpg
Vanilla Bean Noel

“Vanilla Bean Noel” by Bath and Body Works is my favorite scent this time of year. Because it’s seasonal I always have to stock up. This hand cream has vitamin E and shea butter which is soooo good for the skin. This leaves my hands feeling like silk after I apply and it smells like sugar cookies lol.

Vitamin E Skin Cream 

Lastly this is what I keep in the car, merely for convenience. As I mentioned before vitamin E is so good for your skin. It can be a little heavy, but it’s work it for the protection of your hands. You have to consider all the things your hands go through during the day between working, going to the gym, washing dishes, and just washing your hands in general  you need to make sure they are moisturized and protected.

So those are all the hand creams that I use to keep looking and feeling lovely. What hand creams do you like? Or treatments do you use?  As always I hope you enjoyed my post. Enjoy the rest of your Friday 🙂 Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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