Day 23: Eye shadow

Hey Beauties, Time for round two.

Instead of talking about my favorite eye shadow, I’m going to give some helpful hints. Applying eye shadow is not necessarily rocket science but there are certain techniques that can aid in application.

1. Always start with a clean face. Make sure there is no old makeup on your face (or anything else for that matter) , especially around your eyes. Your face should always been clean before applying makeup anyway.

2. Make sure your brushes are clean; even though your face is clean when applying your makeup, makeup builds up on your brushes. In addition to that there is dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. I would suggest cleaning your brushes once a week, and use a makeup disinfectant spray in between uses.

3. Use a primer, priming your eyes before application will help to make the eye shadow last longer and it will help to stop creasing. If you don’t have a primer you can use your foundation, just apply a neutral shade over the lid to ensure the surface is smooth.

4. Make sure your using the right brushes; that really makes all the difference. What brush you use depends on what kind of look your creating and what step your at in the application process. Look at my post on brushes to get a brief break down on what brushes to use:

5. Blend!!! Blend till your little fingers fall off lol. There should never be harsh lines when you are done completing your look. It’s tedious but the trade off is worth it. If you are wearing more than one color, the shadows should transition right into each other.  Blend, blend, blend lol.

6. Lastly make time to do your makeup. Looking flawless is a process. I know we have all seen 10 min videos on YouTube and think that’s all it takes, but that’s not the case. You have to take your time and work on each part, until you develop your own techniques that work for you 🙂

I hope these tips were helpful. Tell me what works for you? What’s your favorite eye shadow primer? Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties



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