Day 22: Least Favorite Product

Hey Beauties!!

So I missed yesterdays topic, so you know what that means… I’ll be posting twice today 🙂 We are in the home stretch of this 30 day Beauty Challenge, after today there will only be 6 days left!! And 7 days till the end of the year… Can you believe it? 2015 is practically over, let’s take a moment to reflect…

Moment over lol. So first topic of today is on my least favorite products. I can honestly say there has not been too many that I haven’t liked. I try to do my research before making a purchase, and by that I mean reading reviews, watching YouTube videos, and seeing what others are saying on instagram before I jump in ya know. But it’s not a perfect world so sometimes you just end up with some beauty duds! **Before I begin let me just say that these are just my experiences with these products, I’m not going to bash the brands because it’s just one item that didn’t work for me.**

  1. Wet-n-Wild Megalast lip color– SMH, I just dont’t know what happened here. I don’t know if was my lips (which I highly doubt) or the product but we did not get along. I found this too be very thick and sticky. It didn’t go on evenly at all, and once I finally did get it to coat my lips it left sticky patches from where my mouth opened and closed. I really did not like this one AT ALL..
    Megalast lip color

    2. Voluminous  “Miss Manga” Black Angel mascara by L’Oreal. Per the website this product is suppose to be: “High intensity from top to bottom 360 degree flexor brush reaches every lash. Builds lash volume up to 15x.”  I don’t know where the high intensity was, because it def didn’t reach my lashes, and there was no volume. I’m going to apply it and add a picture later on when I get home so you can see what I’m talking about.

    Voluminous Miss Manga Black Angel Mascara

    3. Milani brow and eye highlighter- I purchased the “Vanilla/Natural Taupe” (matte beige/ matte natural brown) one. There are also two other shades “Matte Cream/Luminous” (matte pink beige/pink shimmer) and “Matte beige/high glow” (matte yellow beige/gold shimmer). Now I loved the concept and the duo pencil idea. How ever for me it was way too creamy. I would not recommend this if you already have oily skin. The colors were also very sheer. You could barely see the brown, and when I tried to highlight under my brow to blend it in, it was barely visible.

    Milani Brow and Eye highlighter

    So those are my least favorite products, not just because they did not work for me, doesn’t mean they work for you. If you have tried any of these products let me know what you think? Did they work for you? Did you use a special technique? Let a sister know lol maybe I was using them wrong lol. Until next time…

    Be Blessed Beauties;


2 thoughts on “Day 22: Least Favorite Product

  1. I agree with you on the megalast by Wet n Wild. It was just a sticky mess. The only thing that helped, sorta kinda, was combing it with another lip gloss to help smooth it out.

    ~ Zeena

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