Day 27: What’s in my purse?

Hey hey Beauties!

Hope you had a peaceful Sunday, relaxing now that the holidays are coming to a close. Today is a fun post, “what’s in my purse?”Normally it’s a mess but thankfully it wasn’t today lol.

20151227_190940-1 (1)
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So my awesome bag is from Aldo, they always have such good sales on their accessories I love getting clutches and purses from there. Starting from left to right:

1. Milani matte lipstick “Matte Passion”

2. L.A. Girl Cosmetics “Sweet Revenge”

3.NYX Cosmetics “Creme Brulee” butter gloss

4.NYX Cosmetics “Do the hustle” lip gloss

5.Colourpop Cosmetics “Solow” ultra matte lip

6.Kat Von D “Berlin” everlasting liquid lipstick

7. Maybelline “I like tomauve it” color blur lipstick

8. NYX Cosmetics “Sway” liquid suede lipstick

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills “Pastel Pink” lip gloss

10. Sephora “Soft Pink” lip gloss

11. NYC “Sky Rise” mascara

12. NK “Indigo”auto lip liner

13. Victoria Secret “Berry Bling”

14. Bath and Body Works “Angel food” hand sanitzer

Now I can guess you’re probably wondering “why does she have all these lip glosses?” lol The simple answer…I’m an addict lol. The other reason is because, this is the purse I have been wearing for the last two weeks, so any lip color I have worn during that time has remained in that bag. You’ll notice my mascara is in my bag as well, I wasn’t kidding when I said it was my go-to.

I also have a mirror with my initial on it “E”, my Coach wristlet that I use as a wallet lol, a pair of earrings and some gum. I also had $1.00, a church bulletin, the key to my desk and some old receipts, but I didn’t think you would wan to see that. I typically carry a book, my tablet and hand lotion, but I took those items out because it was becoming to cumbersome.

It’s hard to keep you’re purse organized sometimes because everything always ends up in there, despite good efforts to only carry the essentials. What’s in your purse? What can’t you live without? As always I hope you enjoyed my post, there are only 3 days left in the beauty challenge!! We are almost there πŸ™‚ Until next time…

Be Blesses Beauties




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