Day 29: Hair tools

Hey Beauties,

Hope you had a fab day! It’s going to be a quick post today on my hair tools. I use a comb, brush, blow dryer and flat iron lol. I try not to use many different products or tools in my hair, that have potential to stress my hair.

My daily tools are: A plastic comb and a two way brush. The two way brush has a soft side and a hard side. I mainly use the soft side to lay may hair down. I use the hard side to smooth my hair if I am wrapping it up for the night or putting it in a ponytail.

Flat Iron: Gold-n-Hot Ceramic iron. It goes up 450 degrees but I don’t use it a that temperature, like I said before I try not to put a lot of heat or stress on my hair.

gold n hot

To blow my hair I use Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Shine Boosting Hair Dryer: It has heat and speed settings,and it can also produce cool air.

revlon hair dryer


And those are the tools that help me keep my little bob looking good 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post! What are your go-to styling products?  Do you have special styling techniques? Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties




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