DIY: Jewerly Cork Board

Hey Beauties!!

Have you ever watched one of those ” easy home fixes” shows where you can revamp your bedroom or living room into something fabulous, but when you go to try it doesn’t quite seem to look that way? lol. I am no Ms.Fixit by any means but I did come up with a cheap clever way to keep my earrings and necklaces from tangling together.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cork Board
  2. Drill
  3. Hammer
  4. Yarn/String/Shoe lace
  5. Push Pins
  6. Adhesive strips (not necessary, but I used them)

I got my cork board from Wal*Mart for under $10.00. It’s 24×36 in. , it came with everything I needed to assemble it (screws, hook, and anchors). I didn’t have a drill but if you do I would suggest using one. I just took a nail a little bit bigger than the screws I had to create the hole. After you make the hole put the anchors in the wall, then screw the hooks into place, and slide the board on top of the hooks. I added adhessive strips on the sides (behind the board) for extra security.Very easy! 20151228_161553 (1)

Next depending on how much jewelry you have, measure out even pieces of yarn or whatever you choose and pin them on both sides of the board. Depending on how heavy your jewelry is you may have to put pins along the yarn as well so it doesn’t droop when you hang the earrings/necklaces on there. Next I lined the bottom of the board with pins to hang my necklaces. Once I started to add them I had to change the pattern a little bit and you may too depending on how long or heavy they are. And then you add your jewelry.

And here is the final result:

20151229_234736 (1).jpg

This is a new board I did on Monday. I had been using the same one for about 10 years lol so it was time to redo it. I hope this  helpful 🙂 What tricks do you have to keep your jewelry in order?

Be Blessed Beauties


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