My Favorite Social Media MUA

It’s HUMP DAY!! The weekend is rounding the corner people! (I’m way to obsessed with the weekend 🙂

Today I want to show you all my favorite MUA (makeup artist) from Youtube and Instagram. It’s nice to pull inspiration from our surroundings and those who have come before us. Lets face it, it’s no secret that Social Media has really taken off with makeup gurus and artist, some people think if you can put lipstick on your an artist these days lol maybe they are ,I don’t know. Personally I have a lot to learn, and these particular people I am going to showcase have def showed me a thing or two.



Shayla aka Slayla is so flawless. I love how she does her makeup, it always looks perfect. In addition to slaying her makeup she kills it in the gym!! Check out her Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat at: Makeupshayla



Honestly his eyes alone are enough to make me smile. In addition to being stunning, he is hilarious!! Omg a true crack up! and to top it off he is only 18 ((Gasp)) All this talent at such a young age. Check out his Instagram: Dylsxmakeup and his Youtube channel:Dylsxmakeup




Not only is she beautiful, she has such a warm spirit with a hint of sarcasm. She’s not afraid to try new products, and give an honest review. Her YouTube videos are easy to follow and at times hilarious, she’s just real and that’s why I follow her 🙂 . Here is the link to her channel:





I just love her, she is super talented!! She’s so much more than day to day makeup. She really knows how to think outside of the box and get creative. I got my idea from her. Here is the link to that video:

These are my top four favorites (in no particular order) Who are your favorites? Who do you pull inspiration from? Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties



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