Monday Motivation

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Congratulations to all you Bronco fans out there!! I have to be honest I really only watched the Superbowl for the half-time show, and it was well worth it. Bruno, Beyonce and Coldplay did such a phenomenal job!!

Our Monday motivational quote is from Oprah. I’m not a cheerleader for Oprah but I like what she said here:


“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

If this doesn’t motivate you to be all you can be I don’t know what will. How awesome is it to know that your talent/gift was designed just for you. Sure there are millions of people who may share the same talent/gift, but no one can do it like you! No one can sing like you, no one can speak like you, no one can dress like you, no one can act like you, why? Because there is only one you. 

There is never going to be another you so you might as well embrace yourself, and let your little light shine 🙂 Share your talents and gifts with the world, show everyone what sets you apart, there is no good in keeping it to yourself.  I hope this helps to get you through your day and even your week. 

Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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