Monday Motivation

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope that you all had a great weekend, are ready to face the week ahead. Today’s motivation is coming from a place of inner peace and realization. Last week a couple of celebrities passed away  (Doris Roberts, Chyna, and Prince) and it made me think about how precious life is.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy or a life altering event to make you realize how precious life really is. I try to give thanks and be appreciative of the things and people I have in my life but I know that I take them for granted far to often. So today and going forward I want to have an “attitude of gratitude”.

I want to take a few minutes out of my day every day and be thankful for not just the big things but the little things in life that I over look, like being able to think clearly, to see, to walk, for even having this outlet to engage with you all. It’s important to do because there is always someone who wishes they were in your shoes and had the opportunities that you may have. So as I encourage myself I want to encourage you too! Have an attitude of gratitude and just take a moment and think about what matters to you most. Take a moment to take it all in, to really stop and smell the roses or enjoy the sunshine. Whatever it is just bask in the moment 🙂

As always I hope this can help you through your day, your week, or even your year 🙂

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