Monday Motivation

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

I hope that you survived the heatwave this past weekend!! I love summer but when it starts reaching high 90’s it’s a little too hot for me. 🙂

Today I want to encourage you not to settle for anything less than you deserve. I have noticed more and more recently that people have just lowered their standards on what they believe their life could be. When I speak of settling I don’t just mean in relationships I mean all aspects of life. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re settling until someone else points it out to you.

Let’s say you are dating someone and you have been for years, you have now reached the point of being engaged or maybe even marriage and they are exactly how they were when you got together. Absolutely no growth has taken place since you met them…you could be settling in this relationship. You might have just grown accustomed to their way of life so you don’t see that it could or has been stifling your own growth. The same can be said for non intimate relationships as well. You’re best friend from middle school may be the best person in the world but if they are keeping you from reaching your goals, you gotta let them go.

People are creatures of habit, so when you have invested time and energy into a person you don’t just want to throw it all away even if you know they aren’t whats best for you. You will remain in a relationship or friendship out of loyalty for the other person not even for yourself. But I just want you to know it’s OK to let them go, or distance yourself from them. One thing I say all the time is, I can love anyone from a distance. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the one thing that is holding you back even if it is someone close to you. By doing this you might even give the other person the push they need to strive for more for themselves.

You can apply this to everything in life, like your job and education. If you are going to work every single day wishing and hoping for the end of the week or your next vacation… you are settling my friend. Obviously we all want job security and you can’t just up and quit your job when you feel like it, especially if it is the sole provider of your livelihood. That doesn’t mean you can’t look for another job in the mean time. The same goes for your education if you are going to school spending thousands of dollars on classes you don’t understand for a career you don’t even want, change your major. Now what if your parents are paying for your education and they have decided they “know what’s best” for you? I would recommend sitting down when them and having a discussion with them about what truly makes you happy. Nothing is worse than going to school wasting time, to then get a job you don’t even like; but you can’t quit because your paying back student loans.

If I may insert a small disclaimer ** I am in NO way telling anyone to quit their job tomorrow, drop out of school, or end their relationship** I just want whoever is reading this to take the time to think of yourself and what you want to accomplish in life. Don’t settle for a dead end job, a major you’re not happy with, or a person you can’t build with. Make sure your doing everything in your power to give yourself the life you deserve, you’re worth more than just an “ok” life.

I hope this has encouraged, uplifted, or gave you something to think about. Until next time…

Be Blessed Beauties


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