Monday Motivation

Hello Beauties!!!

I don’t even know if “long time, no see” is even appropriate to say lol . It has been a long 5 months since my last post so please forgive me. So much has happened, mainly just me working a lot and taking a couple vacations, and a new work position, however that is no excuse to abandon my blogger lifestyle and all of you of course (kisses). Let’s jump right back into the swing of things shall we, with a little motivation.

Earlier I posted on my Facebook page “Investing in yourself, is the best investment you can make”. This came to me because over the weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a women empowerment fashion show. I was not one of the models, however I did the makeup for six of the ladies. I have been doing freelance makeup for almost three years and I have grown so much and gained quite a few loyal clients (shout out to them!!); and some new ones as well.

Over these few years I have had to create a brand for myself, a name for myself and supply myself with all the tools necessary. I invested in my God given talent and it has really paid off. It’s important to invest yourself because you are your biggest cheerleader,and you are your only competition. You can only rely on yourself for your success, which comes by  accomplishing your goals. This means investing in yourself! Aren’t you worth the investment?

Even when you begin to feel discouraged, keep pushing forward. “No sacrifice, no victory” they go hand in hand. I’ve had to sacrifice some things along the way but it was worth it, and this is only the beginning. I don’t know where my freelance makeup artistry is going to take me, but I’m so glad I started. This is one thing I will be able to look back on and never have to wonder “what if?”.

If you invest in yourself you can’t lose; so start today!! Until next time…

Be blessed Beauties,



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