Express yourself! Nail designs

This page is simply going to be dedicated to my different nail designs. I’ve been getting asked where do I get them done, how often to do I change the style, etc. etc. So I decided to post some pics to give everyone a little inspiration, the same way so many others inspired me 🙂 I get my nails done every 2 weeks, unless I’m bored with the polish or design then I switch it up. So every time I get them done from here on out, I’ll post a pic 🙂 I don’t have the names of the nail polishes that were used but going forward I will post as much information as I can…Enjoy 🙂

nail art
Essie “Luxedo”
20160119_205109 (1).jpg
OPI ‘barefoot in barcelona” and Finger Paints “he-art auction”
IMG_20160203_092334 (1).jpg
OPI “alpine snow” and Essie “figi with swarovski crystal elements
IMG_20160220_091834 (1)
Verity nail polish “grapes”
IMG_20160323_104214 (1)
OPI products “Atlantis” and “Aquadelic”
Screenshot_2016-01-19-22-58-16-1 (1).png
OPI ” Big Apple Red”
Screenshot_2016-01-14-22-57-10-1 (1).png
OPI “After Ego” and “Dazzle me” by Pure Ice
20151230_224552 (1)
Sinful Colors “Let’s Talk”
IMG_20151212_232428 (1).jpg
“Most Sinful” by Sinful Shine and “Dazzle” me by Pure Ice
20151208_185044 (1).jpg
“Tiramisu for two” and “Pink  Friday” Opi nail polish “High on Sparkles” by Venique polish
20151127_141440-1 (1).jpg
“A taupe space needles” and “I herd that”  OPI
IMG_20151112_194141 (3) (1)
“Samoan Sand” and ‘black onyx” OPI
IMG_20151108_204506 (1)
“Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo” Essie
Essie “Au Natural” and OPI “Rally pretty pink
IMG_20160306_094459 (1)
Essie nail polish “Come here”

nail designsnail designsnail designs

IMG_20160222_204007 (1)
Sinful colors nail polish “Tan lines” and Sally Hansen with big matte top coat

nail designsnail designsIMG_20150717_182434 (1)IMG_20150704_112629 (1) (1)20150706_210608 (2)20150626_105332 (1) (1)

IMG_20150527_233117 (1) (1)

IMG_20150611_125032 (1)PhotoGrid_1434750566419 (1)

QRS nail lacquer 298
QRS nail lacquer 298

Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-25-44-1 (2) Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-25-24-1 (1) 2015-05-01 08.40.21 (1)

Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-23-57-1 (1)Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-23-37-1 (1)

Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-45-47-1 (1)Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-46-09-1 (1)Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-45-41-1 (1)Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-45-26-1 (2)Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-44-46-1 (1)Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-48-52-1 (1) Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-47-51-2 (1) Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-47-36-1 (1) Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-47-25-1 (1) Screenshot_2015-05-01-14-46-45-1 (1)

IMG_20150429_165514 (1) (1)Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-21-07-1 (2) Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-20-56-1 (2)Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-22-16-1 (1)Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-21-54-1 (1)glitter multi royal blue nude and black domestic violence awareness

Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-20-37-1 (1) Screenshot_2015-04-30-20-20-31-1 (1)

Screenshot_2016-01-19-22-58-16-1 (1).png

6 thoughts on “Express yourself! Nail designs

  1. Yo, Elysée pooooo!!! This blog is everything already! You don’t mind if we copy right?? Your combinations of colors, length, accent/party fingers and designs is on FLEEK!! LOL! I can’t wear all the designs but I will def refer to this when I’m looking to jazz up my nails a tad! ❤️❤️❤️ Yay! I’m excited for more stuff to come! (And this shouldn’t take as long to post 💅🏾) #winning….sn: you will def need to include polish colors and brand because all polish is not created equal… Ijs 😏

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