Beauty Bargains!

Calling all Beauty bargain hunters!! I have a treat for you. I have been sitting on a little piece of information that I can no longer keep to myself. I have found a website where everything is a $1.00, one dollar, uno, a single bill, yes $1.00. They have everything from nail polish to earrings, … More Beauty Bargains!

Blog Tour Award

So the lovely Kay Grace nominated me for the Blog Tour Award (thank you again). She has a lot of good tips and reviews so check out her page. Rules -Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers. -Give your nominees the rules and a specific Monday to post. (June 1st or whenever you can) -Answer the … More Blog Tour Award

I was nominated for the Liebester Award! Here are my nominees <3

Hey Hey Everyone, The lovely  Mariah Twisted Silhoutte nominated me for the Liebester Award! Here’s what she asked me and how I answered: Do you belong to any writers’ or bloggers’ associations and, if so, which ones? Nope What food would you eat everyday and not get sick of? Kiwi…although I’m mildly allergic If you could change anything about … More I was nominated for the Liebester Award! Here are my nominees ❤